In January 2020 Harris Academy Ockendon opened a new state of the art sports centre. Designed specifically for certain sports, namely cricket, the fantastic facilities and perfect location make it the ideal home for Club Cricket Academy.

Cricket Academy

Significantly funded by the ECB, the hall can house multiple cricket net lanes facilitating mass practice sessions, group training exercises or one-to-one programmes, as well as plenty of room for expansive fielding drills or indoor game situation training.

With all the brilliant facilities in addition to the all-encompassing equipment, we are ready and waiting for you to join us out in the middle!

Unrivalled in its training provision, Club Cricket Academy is the best indoor cricket facility available in Essex.

As it strives for perfection, you will have access to premium equipment including both senior and junior bowling machines, ball buckets and speed guns, all of which are complimented by the finest players and coaches available in the game.

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Bowl your best, bat for your team and catch a win with Club Cricket Academy

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The Club Cricket Academy gives the next generation the opportunity to learn directly from professionals at the top of their game

Sir Alastair Cook

The club cricket academy offers great facilities and coaching to all. This can only be a good thing!

Aaron Beard

Everyone should be able to enjoy cricket and the academy gives everybody this opportunity.

Jamie Porter

Our goal is to not only help everyone improve their game, but also to ensure they thoroughly enjoy themselves.

Adam Wheater

The club cricket academy has a unique blend of quality coaches and professional cricketers still in the game, all keen to help the next generation. I wish I’d had this opportunity when I was younger.

Sam Cook